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Sanzhu Group Corporation, started in 1993, is a comprehensive modern industrial and commercial enterprise of science, industry and trade, headquartered in the beautiful "Spring City" - Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province. After more than 10 years of development it has become a large group company mainly of the health industry with the registered capital of 550 million RMB, and a total of 1,500 staff and more than 20 domestic and international invention patents including two international patents.
The Group mainly consists of 4 companies: Sanzhu Medical Group, STIME Ecological Beauty Group, Sanzhu Hospital and, Sanzhu Tangwang Resort.
Sanzhu Pharmaceutical Group

It is the core company of the group mainly consisting of 3 branches Sanzhu Pharmaceutical Management Co ltd, Sanzhu Fuer Pharmaceutical Co ltd and Sanzhu Xiaobenmu Pharmacy Chain Management Co ltd, with strong production and sales organizational structure relying on three two core technologies, the research and development of pharmaceuticals, health food, food production and sales.

The Pharmaceutical Group sales system is constituted by Sanzhu Pharmaceutical Management Co., Ltd. and Sanzhu Xiaobencao Pharmacy Chain Management Co., Ltd., and has respectively obtained a national pharmaceutical whole sale and drug retail GSP certification.

With the technical support of Sanzhu’s core technology, the company has developed probiotics and fermentation-based Chinese medicine products covering people of all ages for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic and incurable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diabetes and sub-health, which has a significant effect and has basically formed a complete population coverage product system.

Sanzhu Pharmaceutical Group will be adhering to the corporate mission "extending human life by 10 years" and will make unremitting efforts to improve human’s health.


The company is a well-known and most powerful enterprise of cosmetics research and development, production and sales. Its subsidiary companies are Shanghai STIME Cosmetics Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai STIME Co., Ltd., Dalian STIME Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenwan Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Dalian Institute of STIME, Shanghai Zhenwan Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai STIME Bencaomu Co., Ltd. The Group achieved sales of 3.8 billion RMB in 1996 when it was established and now has accumulated sales of 5 billion RMB.

STIME MEM technology won the domestic and international patent. With the technical support of Chinese medicine fermentation technology, it applies traditional Chinese medicine achievements to cosmetics with the adoption of international patent in the European Union, South Korea, and Japan, which has enabled the company to be a leader in herbal skin care.

Sanzhu Hospital

Sanzhu Hospital is a nonprofit hospital of clinics and clinical research with the tasks of public health care, prevention, rehabilitation, community service and other tasks.

treatment center, TCM difficult miscellaneous diseases consulting rooms, surgical treatment center, gynecological treatment center, medical cosmetology department, rehabilitation therapy center, physical medical evaluation treatment center and other clinical departments.

The aim of Sanzhu Hospital: good service for everyone.

Tumor center is the key specialty in our hospital, combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine to treat early, lately tumor in six step fermentation, with Fermentation TCM comprehensive therapy for distinctive features.

Tangwang Resort

It is a four-star hotel built in 1996 working as a training center of the senior management staff of the company.

It is the only multi-function ecological hotel with modern facilities in the east part of Jinan.

Two core patented technology

The two core patents of Sanzhu Company are multi- bacteria symbiotic fermentation technology and the probiotic fermented CM technology. The core technological product is the perfect combination of modern biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine, which has won 26 domestic patented technologies in more than 30 countries and areas like the European Union, South Korea, Japan and China.

Probiotics multi-bacteria symbiosis fermentation technology:

Without changing the medium conditions, symbiotic fermentation process using graded inoculation, online control, set up different probiotics in the same medium for the fermentation. Enhance the proliferation rate of the probiotics, so that different strains which required several growth conditions can grow in a common environment, symbiosis of physiologically active probiotics fermented preparation is higher than that of single strain fermentation and mixed multi microorganisms preparation. The development of products has liquid micro ecological preparation, solid preparation, high-grade cosmetics additive etc.

Human probiotic fermentation medicine technology:

mount of proboscis. We have liquid,solid and additive agent to superior cosmetics.

Fermented Chinese medicine is a revolutionary breakthrough which has the following 5 advantages.

1、 Converted through probiotics, the Chinese medicine can be quickly absorbed.
2、 It can help speed treatment as it can be quickly absorbed into blood.
3、 The effect of fermented CM is 4-28 times as much as TCM.
4、 Poison is taken out through fermentation.
5、 It has better taste.      
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